Gangrel On Bray Wyatt Originally Wanting Him To Be Part Of The Wyatt Family

WWE |By Matt Boone |Mon, April 17, 2017 - 12:10PM EDT
David "Gangrel" Heath
Gangrel (David Heath), the former leader of "The Brood" alongside Edge and Christian during WWE's infamous "Attitude Era," recently spoke with the gang at "The Roman Show" about Bray Wyatt originally wanting him to be part of The Wyatt Family.

"When I was talking to Bray he was saying he very much wanted me to come in but I think because of the name issue, WWE doesn't own the name Gangrel, so things got shot down and stuff," said Heath. "It would have been fun."

Heath also addressed his past work with Edge and Christian, who he labeled as "awesome guys" that were easy and fun to work with.

"Awesome guys," Heath said of the legendary WWE tag-team. "All of them are awesome. Proud of them all. Christian, Edge, Matt, Jeff, just great guys. You couldn’t ask for a better group of people to want to be around and work with."

Check out the complete David Heath interview at the official YouTube channel for The Roman Show found here.