More on Austin Aries' Release; Shelton Benjamin Status Update

WWE |By ewrestling |Sun, July 16, 2017 - 3:10AM EDT
  • Several different people in WWE have noted that Austin Aries was not exactly well liked by writers or even some of the talent that he worked with in the Cruiserweight division.
  • He had a reputation of not being happy unless he was used well and pushed and of course, that wasn't happening. Unlike some of the other talent who are just happy to have a job and get some exposure, Aries had a lot of confidence that his perceived ability warranted a much bigger role than he was in.
  • WWE officials are stating that - contrary to internet reports - Shelton Benjamin has not signed with WWE as of yet. This is a bit weird as it was WWE's Instagram page that noted that Benjamin would be starting with Smackdown soon.

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