Tye Dillinger Reacts To Rick Rude's WWE Hall Of Fame Induction Announcement

WWE |By Matt Boone |Sun, March 19, 2017 - 10:17AM EDT
Tye Dillinger
NXT star Tye Dillinger recently spoke with the folks at Planeta Wrestling for an interview. During the discussion, Dillinger spoke about his reaction to late wrestling legend "Ravishing" Rick Rude being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame this year.

"Growing up as a kid I was a fan of Rick Rude, those kind of guys I was always drawn to," said Dillinger. "They were larger than life characters and really grabbed my attention. Rick Rude was on the top of that list. I thought everything about the guy screamed mega-star."

Dillinger continued, "To have him inducted into the WWE, I don't know why it's personal to me, I guess he was such a big part of my life growing up, I feel a sense of accomplishment, and pride, that this guy I idolized growing up is now in the Hall Of Fame. His career is officially validated, this guy will last forever through the record books. I think to his family and everyone else that is a fan over Rick Rude, this is a long time coming and it's a wonderful thing the WWE is doing for him."

Check out the complete Tye Dillinger interview at YouTube.com.